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Kid’s Diving Activities

Children can also enjoy scuba diving with us: it’s fun, safe, exciting, educational, and a wonderful activity to share as a family. From the first tentative breaths with a regulator in the pool to the Bubblemaker experience in the lagoon, kids will experience programmes run by PADI professionals using child-size equipment in a carefully controlled environment. If you or your children are nervous, we can start off with a simple snorkel or swimming experience and go from there. Our instructors are all extremely patient, so both you and your children will feel totally at ease.


Dive regulations require that only children over 8 years of age may dive up to a depth of 2 metres (6.5 feet). The SASY program is designed so that little ones aged 5 to 7 can gain the experience of breathing through full scuba gear without diving below the surface of the water; just the face touches the water. Each participant will be outfitted with an inflatable vest and full diving equipment, including a BCD, regulator and air tank. Our dive instructors will guide them on a snorkel through our coral gardens, close to shore.


Children aged 8 and 9 are invited to join us for the Bubblemaker experience in the swimming pool or quiet lagoon, where our team of experienced instructors will guide them through the steps necessary for safely exploring the underwater world. All participants must be physically fit and able to swim.


This is the perfect introductory session for those who have never tried scuba diving before. This Discovery session includes a basic theory session with an instructor, followed by a shallow dive in the lagoon. For those that are confident and complete the requirements in the lagoon, we will be pleased to offer a follow-up dive on our spectacular House Reef. If you find that you’ve taken to diving like a ‘fish to water’, subsequent dives can be arranged. The maximum depth for the House Reef and all subsequent dives is 12 meters.


The Junior PADI Scuba Diver program is for children aged 10 and above, with similar content to the adult equivalent. Once complete, the participant is issued with a certification card. Depending of the age of the child, certain restrictions apply (must be accompanied by an adult, maximum depths of 12 meters), and once a child reaches 15 he/she is considered an adult diver.


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